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About Us

Founded in December 2008 ,with an almost twelve years of industry experience, Shelby Group has emerged a paragon of business process outsourcing. Quality, commitment and cost-effectiveness of our cutting edge solutions is what differentiates us from the rest. Our global clientele ranges from big giants like telecom and insurance companies to small businesses of home security and mortgages.

Sitting in the capital of California, Sacramento CA, we strive for customer satisfaction through our diligent front desk and back desk operations. We specialize in providing customized solutions for B2B and B2C markets through inbound and outbound customer services.

Shelby Group owns Shelby HUB, LLC, Shelby BPO, LLC, Stepup BPO, LLC &

Market Leaders

With a diverse team of professionals having a combined experience of 50+ years, we lead the space in Business Process Outsourcing.

Growth Engines

Our 100+ global clientele is a testimony of how rapid we accelerate growth our clients. We engineer solutions to scale businesses.

Technology Experts

Staying abreast with the latest innovations and constantly upgrading ourselves is what makes our clients to choose our services.

What we do

We work with our clients to automate their business processes through our solutions which help them scale.

Lead Generation

Building a great product is what you are good at but selling it customers is what we specialize in. We generate leads by identify prospects and establishing relationships with them.


     Skilled workforce is the heart of every business and finding them is what we are best at. We headhunt the resources as per your requirements in your region.

InBound Support

Managing the high inbound customer queries is too hard and handling them smoothly is what we are known for. We provide both technical and non-technical support on phone.

VoIP Services

Telephone costs can almost kill a rapidly growing businesses and lowering them almost zero is what we are good at. We provide VoIP services with highest connectivity ratio globally.

Payroll Solutions

Tracking expenses, managing payrolls can be very challenging and providing tailored solutions is what we do. We provide both complex ERP and simple Excel solutions.

Administrative Support

                   Clerical work drains your energy and handling it is what we excel in. We provide productive and customer focused administrative support.

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Gulzar Ahmad Chaudhary



Nabeel Ahmed Chaudhary

Owner/Managing Director

180 Projects done
12 Years Experience
230 Happy clients

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